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Prezentare Coolwex Tehnologie Certificate

Prezentare Coolwex

Know-How and Quality on world class level

The trademark COOLWEX is a synonym for products of the world's largest and most successful producer and leader in terms of R&D, production, technical progress, innovation, design, quality management and Know-How in the area of air-conditioning.

Therefore COOLWEX Systems are among the most modern devices in the market in terms of technological as well as ecological developments.

They were developed to satisfy the real needs of the user and hence offer a maximum amount of comfort.


COOLWEX is furthermore characterized by:

a wide range of products of the home appliance sector as well as commercial devices

advanced air-cleaning technology

intensely tested material quality

a high level of quality control

35 years of experience of the producer in the world market


Coolwex – the key to success

Not just the use of state-of-the-art technology by high investments in R&D, a strict quality control management and the design leadership count in a global economy, but also the careful selection of exclusive destributors, who act locally by providing such added values as professional consultation and who offer the best services available for the product.